The merger of Tapco International and Enpro Systems has created TapcoEnpro International - the Oil and Gas industry's leading supplier of engineered solutions and the only single source provider of critical process equipment for cat crackers. Our capability to produce complete FCC reactors, valve and actuator systems, transfer lines, regenerator internal components, hydrotreaters, reactor air grids, risers, cyclones, pressure vessels and replacement heads is unmatched by any other company in the world

Tapco and Enpro have combined to offer custom-designed valves and complementary components that operate in industrial process applications including Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units, Residual Catalytic Cracking Units, Millisecond Catalytic Cracking Units, Power Generation, Steel Manufacture and Iron Ore Reduction. Our expertise includes the design and manufacture and repair of valves which are in service in Refineries, Chemical Plants, Hydropower Plants, Cogeneration Facilities, Water Utility Companies and many more applications. This experience in so many diverse services has allowed us to incorporate advancements from various other industries into our valves.

For more information visit www.tapcoenpro.cwfc.com