Specialist Welding

Due to the erosive, corrosive nature of many of services to which our valves are exposed, we often need to carry out metal replacement repairs, prior to machining. Many of the valves are manufactured from exotic materials such as Titanium and Super Duplex Stainless Steel. Weld repairing these material requires specialist techniques.

Titanium Welding of valve components is carried out, in house, by highly skilled and specially qualified titanium welding specialists using a "Titanium Welding Bubble". This bubble allows us to control the atmosphere around the work to prevent atmospheric contamination. Whilst weld repairs to Super Duplex valves require specialist welding to limit the subsequent Hydrogen embrittlement and/or carburisation which can lead to material failure and reduced valve life.

All processes and procedures form part of our ISO9001-2000 Quality Certification.