Quality Policy Statement

Optimum Control now holds Quality Assurance Certification to ISO9001-2000. At Optimum we recognise the importance to our customers of strict Quality Control.  Many of our customer now demand Certification as a requirement of providing services, so that they be assured work is not only carried out in a appropriate manner but records are maintained in the unlikely event of an event requiring investigation.

This Quality Management system is based on a process of continuous improvement and provides ample evidence of our strengths and weaknesses and ensures that we concentrate on the following key issues:

* The involvement and commitment of all employees to the review and ongoing improvement of all processes.
* The development of innovative work practices and techniques.
* The maintenance of quality standards by engendering the full support of our employees to achieve our objectives.

See Optimum Control QMS Overview and Working Standards Calibration Checks to ISO 9001:2000.