Koso Rexa Actuation

Linear, Rotary - Self Contained or HPU supported

REXA is the leader in Electro Hydraulic Actuator Technology. The word "Electraulic" was coined by REXA to describe their revolutionary technology which combines the simplicity of electric operation, the power of hydraulics, the reliability of solid state electronics and the flexibility of user configured control logic.

A hydraulic system has long been recognised as providing superior performance in the operation of final control elements.

Advantages such as quick response, precision and high stiffness were often outweighed by frequent maintenance, non-standard construction and high cost. However by utilising Electraulic technology, REXA is able to bring to general process control the advantages of hydraulic operation without its drawbacks. Self contained actuator mounted hydraulics, no scheduled maintenance, low power consumption and rugged building block components are inherent in REXA's proven design.

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